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  • Eligibility Requirements: Are you on track benefits, and which benefits are your tracking?
  • Maximize Your Benefits: Learn strategies to get the most out of Social Security.
  • Family Benefits: Understand Spouse, Child & Survivor Benefits.
  • Navigating Medicare: Demystify Medicare enrollment.

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:

  • You're approaching retirement and want to understand your Social Security options.
  • You're unsure when to claim benefits to maximize your income.
  • You have questions about family benefits or Medicare enrollment.

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The More You Earn

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Your Future Social Security Benefit Depends On

Your Highest 35 Years of Earnings

Millions of Americans nationwide have struggled to access essential services from the Social Security Administration. These challenges include lengthy phone wait times, receiving inaccurate or incomplete information, and encountering difficulties with application and appeal processing.

Navigating the complexities of the Social Security Administration can be overwhelming, even for its own staff (as evidenced by the comments below). But you're not alone! The Social Security Lady can be your guide through this maze and help you find the relief you deserve.

Social security Commissioner Martin O'Malley states the biggest challenges for Social Security:

  • Biggest Customer Service Challenges include LONG WAIT TIMES on the our NATIONAL 800 Number (phones)
  • Processing Times for Disability Decision (280+ days)
  • Overpayment (underpayment) inequities

Your Time. Your Energy. Your Mental Bandwidth.

What are these worth to you as you navigate Social Security?

Social Security Commissioner O'Malley recently approved a total of 6 hours of administrative leave (3 hours each) on Friday, May 10th and 24th, 2024. This will result in early closure of field offices on both days.

However, this decision comes as Commissioner O'Malley is also requesting funding from Congress to address the current customer service crisis at Social Security. Many employees appreciate the gesture of recognition, but some question its timing and cost-effectiveness, considering the estimated $20 million expense for the entire staff. The focus, they believe, should be on securing resources (i.e. qualified staff) to tackle critical issues like phone wait times, processing backlogs, and improving staff training for better response accuracy.

The New Commissioner's decision to grant administrative leave on these days, a first for both Fridays, has raised concerns about potential service disruptions. What are your thoughts?

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Social Security: complex?

Absolutely! (Think 2,700+ Rules!)

But the good news? They actually publish their playbook (POMS) online.

No More Mystery? Hmmm

what past clients have to say about working with Shana

Shana has been an absolute lifesaver throughout my journey with Social Security. She's truly amazing and a total badass! Despite a significant error resulting in termination and a hefty overpayment, Shana fought tirelessly for me. Thanks to her, my claim was reopened, overpayment waived, and I received more than $20,000 in backpay. I'm beyond grateful for everything she's done. Thank you, Shana, for being my champion and never giving up on me! - Sarah M

I am incredibly grateful to Shana...Her expertise made a significant difference in my financial stability. - Betty C

Shana took the mystery out of my Social Security Application! I can't recommend Shana highly enough! She is absolutely fantastic throughout the entire SS application process. Her intelligence and focus on results really impressed me. It felt like she could read my mind-she understood exactly what I needed even before I finished explaining! Shana made a complex process feel manageable, and I'm so grateful for her clear communication and expertise. - Cory S

Shana, your dedication to providing accurate Social Security information is truly invaluable. It's a relief to know I have a reliable source to turn to for navigating this complex topic. - Christine M